We strive to create a moment where your heart can connect with God’s heart.
It’s talking to God in the car, waiting in line, cooking dinner, and everywhere in between.

the actions in our everyday lives
the special time in which we connect to God
the effort to model our lives after Jesus together as the Church

Our goal is to help people interact with the one true God
and have some meaningful time with Him – wherever, whoever, and however you are.




Chad Wimberly & The Extension

Who I am: Chad Wimberly What I do: Worship Pastor Intern at Bath Campus What I like: Indie electronic music, crazy math-rock, making video games, and the technological singularity. How I got here: About a year and a half ago, after I completed my audio engineering certification, I was living on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I(…)

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Roots Part 2

Roots: Part 2   In our first Roots post , we charted a course for our journey through historic worship expressions.  The best and most logical place for us to  begin the journey is with the infant church of the 1st century.  Fortunately for us, we have an entire set of writings written to meet the(…)

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It’s All Worship

A few weeks ago, some old band-mates and I were hanging out when we found some of our old song files.  We laughed at how bad some of these songs were, which then lead us to reminisce about the equally awful shows we played and some of the awesome opportunities we had.  All three of(…)

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