We strive to create a moment where your heart can connect with God’s heart.
It’s talking to God in the car, waiting in line, cooking dinner, and everywhere in between.

the actions in our everyday lives
the special time in which we connect to God
the effort to model our lives after Jesus together as the Church

Our goal is to help people interact with the one true God
and have some meaningful time with Him – wherever, whoever, and however you are.





If you’ve been in any planning meetings with me, you’ve probably noticed my obsession with the “why” question.  To do anything well – to plan, to evaluate, to strategize, to problem solve, to be creative – the vision of WHY something exists has to be in laser focus. It advises all the other issues.  (…)

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Returning to the Cross

Like I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I’m new to the worship leading game, and being  newer, I’m probably hyper aware of everything I do. “Is this the right song?” “Will people sing this one?” “Do I just want to do this song because I like it?” “Is this song going to match the series?” “Dang!(…)

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One Minute and Counting

The countdown clock has one more minute left. Get a quick sip of water.  (Side note: I love drinking water) “Y’all ready?” I ask the band as they walk up on the stage. Everyone plugs in their instruments and in-ears. 30 seconds left on the countdown. “Alright, what is right after the countdown?” I think,(…)

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